A person should not go to sleep at night until the debits equal the credits

Luca Pacioli ‘The Father of Accounting’ 1445-1715


Antar has been supplying, modifying, installing and supporting accounting systems since the late 1980’s. We are an authorised reseller for DataFile which is a powerful and flexible system covering the SME sector and a Sage Business Partner and Developer. Over the years we have produced many add-ons and complex modules that are fully integrated with accounting systems providing a seamless link between our tailor-made software and the packaged product.


Datafile Software is one of the most adaptable accounting, and management information systems available in the UK today. More than 8,500 users of Datafile software in every type and size of business can testify to Datafile’s effectiveness. The system is extremely versatile and powerful with versions available for small, medium and large size companies. You can start with the entry level system and as your business grows, you can upgrade to the next level, without any data conversion, and take advantage of all the new features that are available. More… →


Over 800,000 businesses in the UK trust Sage to help them manage their business. From single person start-ups to stock exchange giants. Over 800,000 businesses in the UK trust Sage software to help them run their business. More… →

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