Cyber Security

Protecting Individuals and Organisations from Cyber Attacks

The core function of Cyber Security is to protect the devices (PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones) and services we all use against cyber attacks that attempt to steal or damage the precious data we store and access.

Because these form a major part of modern life they are massively important to how we live and work. This makes them a target for cyber criminals as the data is such a valuable commodity. They not only use it to target contacts in your data but also to block your own access to it until you have paid a ransom (sometimes a quite hefty one) to unlock the data. Even after paying the ransom there is no guarantee that you will regain access and there are numerous incidents of cyber criminals demanding more money.

The first line of defence is Cyber Security, although this is only part of a multi-part strategy including strong backup policies and staff education.

At Antar we provide the very best in Cyber Security products to protect our customers giving them peace of mind should they become a victim of an attack.