What is Endpoint Security?


As it becomes more common for employees to connect to the corporate network using their own devices (either with or without your knowledge), the threat of a serious security breach increases – and this could be very costly to your business.

Endpoint Security is designed to not only protect fixed devices such as workstations and servers but also remote and mobile devices that connect wirelessly.

Usually, Endpoint Security works on a client/server model whereby a centrally managed server hosts the security program and associated client software is installed on each device (e.g. workstation, laptop, tablet, mobile phone etc.).

The installation of the client side can be forced onto the device at logon time to ensure that no unprotected devices are connected to the network. Such software could include protection against viruses, malware, phishing and trojans as well as incorporating a firewall and maybe a host intrusion prevention system (HIPS).

Unlike previous security software which tended to focus on one static area (i.e. antivirus), Endpoint Security is constantly evolving with advances in technology and brings together a host of tools to try and stay ahead of the bad guys.

At Antar we regularly spend time researching the various products on offer so that we can provide an unbiased recommendation to our clients. At the present time we are recommending the following:-



ThreatTrack Stuff



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