There’s an age old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Although initially meant to refer to medical illness, we at Antar believe that adage applies equally as much to IT Support. The majority of IT Support companies provide reactive support. They wait until their customers call them with a problem needing urgent assistance to get them up and running again. As we all know, this typically happens just as that important quote needs to go to that big prospect or a tight deadline is approaching.

Antar has taken a refreshingly new proactive approach to IT Support. We don’t wait for that panic call to come in. Instead we have invested in an array of technologies that monitor and alert us when problems are starting to develop on our customer’s systems, not when they’ve already brought the equipment to a halt.

We use these various tools to help us anticipate and fix potential problems before they occur.


If a problem is developing, we start work on it immediately so that we often repair it before our customers are aware it ever existed.

If a problem already exists we work quickly to provide a solution to ensure that our customers’ systems continue to operate as smoothly as possible so they can concentrate on growing their business.

Throughout the whole process our customers are kept informed of the status of their systems so they can be confident that their IT is in safe hands.

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Of course, we also provide reactive support like the rest!

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